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I have known Katherine Green for 30 years. She and I have collaborated on research and analysis projects, facilitating workshops, and crafting manuals and learning tools for groups who want to assess their strategies and forge more successful futures.

I’ve seen Katherine work effectively with individuals, with client teams, and senior leadership groups. She brings a keen sensitivity to their needs their interests, and to how they will work most successfully.

Katherine has and nurtures a broad knowledge base on leadership and workforce issues to her work and has, so often, a fresh way of looking at things. She helps people and organizations change minds and build towards greater excellence and success.

John B. Mahaffie, Futurist
John B. Mahaffie

Katherine is an honest, creative and accomplished leadership guide. And most remarkably, she has all the questions! In my experience working with her, these qualities come together in questions that lead us to new and useful insights and options for navigating even the most complex and uncertain situations.

Andrea Hodson
Board of Directors, Member and Governance Committee Chair, Coalition for Community Power of New Hampshire

The Future of Workshop program was a master class in understanding what tangible elements go into putting the term “growth mindset” into action. Using real-life workplace and case study scenarios and collaborating with others to identify new strategies. I came away with seven new ideas to help me use my skills and experiences to transition into a new, more flexible, and profitable career.

Being able to brainstorm and recognize that while life is unpredictable, preparing for your future, whether it’s changing careers, preparing a new generation of leaders at your company, or identifying what skills you need to acquire to take advantage of new opportunities—Katherine’s workshop provided a blueprint for how to take prudent risks, evaluate new opportunities, and make solid decisions when the future is unknown.

Irene Schindler
College Bound, Essay/College Application Specialist

We attended the FoW workshop several years ago, and it opened our eyes to the potential of AI. Therefore, we learned to embrace it rather than to fear it. Our company president used it to develop several innovative products in conjunction with IBM which combine machines and humans in two bold new revenue producing products.

Scott L. Gordon
CFO, Word Wizards, Inc.

I found Dr. Green’s workshop to be a highly engaging and valuable exercise for anyone thinking seriously about the workforce, whether they were already a seasoned practitioner of strategic foresight or a complete novice.

Dr. Green structured the day to provide the exact right amount of information to establish a common baseline of knowledge at the outset. Once everyone was armed with sufficient context and understanding of futures thinking to meaningfully contribute, they were immersed in a series of interactive activities that enabled learning-by-doing. Dr. Green’s human-centered design choices made every participant feel involved, and they stimulated exactly the kind of interaction and exchange that makes in-person workshops so powerful.

Dmitriy Zakharov
Futurist, Toffler Associates

I assumed responsibility for improving the performance and image of six government departments in the aerospace industry. I knew I had to give those leaders the skills and support to turn around. I worked with Dr. Green to design and run leadership programs that gave those managers the information, skills and confidence they needed to do just that. The benefits of those programs are still evident four years later.

Sheila Cloud
Business Systems Executive, Aerospace Industry

Dr. Green is an exceptionally professional consultant and facilitator, and workshops presented by Dr. Green were outstanding.

Coy Brown
OD Consultant

Katherine can provide insight and real-world practice sessions in her training that makes it possible to understand and use cutting-edge concepts as a managerial tool to lead teams.

Janice Ramieri
former director, Global Customer Support & Services, Biotage, Inc.

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